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welding table loacting accessories

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 locating accessories             


ideal for confined spaces. infinitely variable height-adjustable support surfaces.


Measuring alignment using the grid lines on 3D welding table possible. fixed and infinitely adjustable via oblong holes. ideal for confined spaces. combination Bores / Oblong hole


Combination system bores / Oblong hole, hence many clamping options


Clamping and locating angle bores / Oblong hole large


Clamping and locating angle bores / Bores / Oblong hole medium


Angle bracket

We have different sizes and types for D28/D16/D22 3D welding table

Locating angle

  Flat angle bar

 1626 Full locating surfaces inside and outside. Numerous possibilities thanks to oblong holes and system bores. Continuously moveable with oblong holes.

Universal Pivot and Tilt Angle


The angle gauge is a very helpful tool on the welding table when you need to work on angular joints on your product especially those hard to get angles. It can be easily adjusted to get to the angle that you desire with markings on the positioner

Locating disk


use as a stop or a support • Attachment with PC bolts or connection bolts • infinitely adjustable by rotating (adjustment track A) • low space requirement

 Locating bar


Preferred use in confined work areas • Simple version • Steel


infinitely adjustable by scale • precision scaling


The universal stop is perfectly suitable for clamping metal and shaped pieces


Combination system bore / oblong hole for  numerous clamping possibilities. • Very long and  sturdy version with large bearing surfaces for large components or long distances. • Continuous adjustment via oblong hole.


 height adjustment device


 Support continuously adjustable from 75 to 100 mm. • Especially well-suited for V-block locations with arbour. • For direct insertion in the adjustable spacer. • Stops etc. with PC-bolt can also be clamped in the system bore. 

 V-block locations


The “V-shaped” positioning socket is a must-have tool when working with pipe elements. It is specially designed to locate pipe fitting. V-shaped locating pieces vary in opening angle due to pipe fittings with different diameters


 Spacer Set


Spacer Set has screw thread and can be screwed to make up for height deficiency. • for adjustment of 5-100 (28) height difference above the reference surface • smallest increment 1mm • with sizes etched on the surface of each spacer • fits all system bores • self-locking with O-rings • comprising: (28) support mandrel individual + bearer sleeves

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