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Cast iron surface plate and measuring tools

  • cast iron floor bed plate

    cast iron floor bed plate

    Welcome to visit us to know more about our factory . OEM/ODM available: Your logo on the product. Customized product according your drawings. Any your idea on product we can help you to design and provide drawing. Features of our cast iron floor bed plates ● Material is high-strength, high-density and close grained gray cast iron available at Grade of GG-20, GG-25 or GG-30 are to be chosen to manufacture the t-slotted cast iron floor plates. Other materials such as nodular cast iron or c...
  • cast iron measuring tools

    cast iron measuring tools

    OEM/ODM available: Your logo on the product. Customized product according your drawings. Any your idea on product we can help you to design and provide drawing. cast iron Triangular ruler Check the verticality between machine tools and high-precision machinery (and equipment) inspection. pictures mould NO. size(mm) BCC0028 300*210 BCC0029 300*400 BCC0030 300*500 BCC0031 400*600 BCC0032 500*800 BCC0033 1000*750 cast iron Angle plate w...
  • Hand scraped cast iron surface plate

    Hand scraped cast iron surface plate

    Hand – scraped cast iron surface plate Usage (1) Suitable for various inspections and benchmark planes for accuracy measurement. (2) Used widely as the measurement benchmark for machine tool inspection and to inspect the dimension accuracy or running difference with the function of performing precise lineation. (3)It is an essential measuring tool in machine manufacturing. Cast iron surface plate mainly used for machinery, machine tool board manufacturing, electronics, electric power, a...
  • Lapping cast iron surface plate

    Lapping cast iron surface plate

    Cast Iron Lapping Plates are extensively used for accurate hand-lapping of ferrous and non-ferrous parts to obtain a perfect surface form & flatness Cast-iron surface plates are now frequently used on production floors as a tool for lapping granite surface plates to achieve certain grades of accuracy. The metal allows itself to be impregnated with the lapping media over a large flat surface. The surface can be plain flush surface for lapping, marking and layout operations. Also top surf...
  • T slotted cast iron surface plate

    T slotted cast iron surface plate

    T slotted cast iron surface plate our T-slotted cast iron / steel floor plates are used as rigid and precision bases in engineering industries for benchmarking, layout, precision measurement, assembly work, mounting jobs for equipments assembly, refurbishements etc. Also these Tslotted cast iron plates can be used as bed plates for boring mills, gantry milling/drilling machines etc. They are also used as test beds to support engines, motors, compressors, pumps, valves, large machines, transm...