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welding table Clamps

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Clamps are great tools to work with to keep things in place especially if speed is of essence. We offer a variety of welding clamping systems including fixed type clamping piece and adjustable clamping piece. We also have 45 degree and 90 degree clamping piece. Our wide variety of clamps available, you will surely find something that suits your needs

Screw Clamps with Spindle

• Each tube can be used individually, too. • Reach is adjustable

• highest power transmission through sturdy round pipes


Screw Clamp 180° with Spindle


Screw clamp 180° with spindle


Screw clamp 180° with short boring spindle

Pressure direction 90°to the system bore• 180°quick-acting swivel with ball stop in the joint

• With stop ring for height fixation

• Use of clamping bridges possible

• Highest force transmission with sturdy round tube

• With stop ring for height fixation

• Clamping pad exchangeable



Swing Clamp 90°


Screw clamp 90° with spindle

 A clamping piece with angle of inclination at 45 degrees is used for clamping on an inclined working surface.

• highest power transmission through sturdy round pipes

• optimally suited for clamping prismatic parts but also square profiles or rectangular profiles

• complete gripping mechanism replaceable



Swing clamp 45° with adjustable screw


Screw clamp 45° with spindle


Screw clamp 45° with short boring spindle

Compensating Swing Clamp with Spindle

• The horizontal distance needed for clamping is different for D16/D22/D28, vertical clamping            
• For fast and powerful, accurately positioned clamping of the most different workpieces.
• with adjustment ring for height fixing
• Workpiece clamping true to position and location through differential compensation

1761 Compensating swing clamp
1792 Compensating screw clamp (with movable handle)
1846 Compensating swing clamp with short boring spindle

Toggle clamp

For fast clamping fastening with lighter clamping force
• For production runs (short clamping times)
• Fits in all system bores
• Toggle Clamp can universally be used with welding table holes.


Toggle Clamp with Adapter & countersunk head screw




 Toggle Clamp with universal stop



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