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welding table fixtures

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These products can also with nitrided treatment or oxidation treatment

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welding workspace expansion accessories

U blocks and L Blocks

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We can customize tables of different sizes according to your requirements
As the most important Components of the 3D welding table ,the U blocks and L blocks will play a great role in your welding work, they can expand the work space of your welding table.

They have the same size hole and hole distance as the 3D welding tables, and can be used with other accessories of the table.

U Blocks
Features: • Use: 5-sided • as table connection for connecting multiple 3D tables • third axis extension as a clamping tower or as a lateral table locator • Connection of system components

L blocks
The four working surfaces of spacer angle L-form has the following functions: • Extending the length of working table and facilitating fixing and clamping workpieces. • Linking two or more than two welding tables. • Used as locating pieces and supporting pieces for welding fixtures.

Supporting angle

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Clamping and locating angle is used to sustain the workpiece at right angles. It can be installed on the top surface or four sides of the fixture to extend the length of working table. Besides good appearance, high durability, the supporting angle iron can avoid welding spatters and is hard is hard to distort. Supporting Angle Iron can be used to locate workpiece, extend working table and support accessories.
Application: This clamping and locating angle square reveals a multitude of clamping possibilities due to its three dimensionalities. It was especially designed for the use of heavy parts. It is used both as a limit stop and table extension. The material of cast iron HT300 achieves the utmost in stability for this clamping and locating angle square.

Corner Connection


• There are standard connecting holes on the sides.
• diagonal table extension
• flexible use as V-block. support and locator etc.
• It can be used as a switching unit for the extension of the table and cube case.
• Pipe diameter (less than Φ200) can be used as a V-shaped Locating Piece.

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