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welding fixture table

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D16 welding table with nitrided treatment

also we can make the table size according to your requirement

  • our standard D16 welding table size : 1000*500*100,1000*800*100, 1000*1000*100,1200*800*100 1200*1000*100 1200*1200*100 1500*600*100 1500*1000*100 1500*1200*100 1500*1500*100 2000*1000*100 2000*1500*100 2000*2000*100 2400*1200*100 3000*1000*100 3000*1500*100 3000*2000*100 4000*2000*100
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    Thickness table of D16 welding table plate: 13-15mm

    Hole diameter: 16mm with chamfering

    Engraved line spacing:50mm

    Table material:Q355B steel or cast iron HT300

    Carrying capacity: 1 ton/m²

    Flatness: 0.1mm/

    corners with chamfering, effectively protect employees and avoid scratches

    The bottom stiffener ensures the stability of the platform

    All welding tables can be joined together to form a larger welding table

    high-precision CNC gantry milling machine processing


    We have standard welding tables , welding table With nitriding treatment

    3D welding table with Oxidation treatment


    D16 welding table With nitriding treatment

    Surface hardness can reach HV550

    Non-stick welding spatter

    Does not rust

    Good wear resistance


    3D welding table with Oxidation treatment

    Rust proof

    High cost performance


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