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T slotted cast iron surface plate

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T slotted cast iron surface plate
our T-slotted cast iron / steel floor plates are used as rigid and precision bases in engineering industries for benchmarking, layout, precision measurement, assembly work, mounting jobs for equipments assembly, refurbishements etc. Also these Tslotted cast iron plates can be used as bed plates for boring mills, gantry milling/drilling machines etc. They are also used as test beds to support engines, motors, compressors, pumps, valves, large machines, transmission gearboxes or other large industrial machines.

Upon your requirements, we will present drawings indiciating the detailed designs as our technical proposals for your evaluations.  These T-slotted cast iron / steel floor plates are always customized to generally any sizes conforming to the constraints of the site receiving the plates in your workshops.

Features of our T-slotted floor plates:

1. Material is high-strength, high-density and close grained gray cast iron available at Grade of GG-20, GG-25 or GG-30 for our T-slotted cast iron floor plates. Other materials such as nodular cast iron or cast steel can also be used if request;

2. The ribbed & cored structure of T-slotted cast iron floor plates offers the premium rigidity and strength. The solid structure can also be offered as per your request. Depending your requirements of weight loading capacity and limitation of room for installation of the T-slotted cast iron floor plates, we will propose designs of plates in either solid structure or ribbed structure;

3. Hardness is usually for GG-25 gray cast iron in the range of HB170-240. In case higher hardness is requested on the T-slotted floor plates, we will use other materials such as casting steel or nodular cast iron. The surface flatness accuracy is available as being Grade I, II or III as per DIN 876 Standarad which is accurate enough for either high precision applications such as bed plate for a CNC boring mill or general-purposed applications such as base for equipments assembly/disassembly . The higher flatness accuracy can be obtained by hand scrapping upon your request. Surface roughness is usually Ra 3.2 μm obtained with the CNC high-speed milling process. Lower roughness such as Ra 1.6 μm can also be achieved by grinding process on your request;

4. The width tolerance of T-slots on the plates is H12 and could also be H7 or H8 on request on our T-slotted cast iron floor plates. Usually T-slots parallel to the longitudinal direction are offered, but also T-slots tilting to the longitudinal direction can be offered on request;

5. Connecting grooves on all sides of the T-slotted cast iron floor plates can be provided on request to joint together the pieces of plates into a large plate area;

6. Leveling and anchoring pads, or leveling studs and steel plates are supplied with the plates as accessories for installations. Vibration absorbing spring mounts can alsot be provided on request;

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