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2D welding table system

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We can customize tables of different sizes according to your requirements
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2D Welding Table is a universal welding clamping and fixturing system to meet fixing requirements of any different welding structures. With multi-functions and reusability, it makes your welding, machining, assembling and inspection works get higher productivity, better work quality,reduce your project investment cost, and shorten lead time. One set welding table and clamping accessories can match freely to meet the demands of workings for all welders and give you flexibility to adapt to each different project


1.Modularity and flexibility
Can be connected and changed arbitrarily according to the shape of workpiece. 

2. High precision.
The precision can reach decimillimetre(dmm) for fixing and clamping.

3. Quick fixing and clamping.
Only spending a few minutes to fix and clamp workpieces from one to another.

4. Ease to operate.
Only 2 hours, any worker can learn how to use it quickly.

5. High price-performance ratio.
1 set of modular flexible fixture can replace all traditional dedicated fixtures.

Saved a lot of time, labor, material resources and funds for enterprises.

6. Clean, tidy and environmental Friendly.
Compared with mountains of rusty dedicated fixtures, modular flexible fixtures are the optimal choice.

Furthermore: Warmly welcome all customers’ visiting our factory anytime.

After-sale Service.
All products will have been strictly quality checked in workhouse before packing.
We can take over the mounting or clamping activities or mounting plan.
We provide the finished project report.Including Contract,Drawings,Quotation Sheet,Proforma
Invoice,Technical Description,Manufacturing Progress Control Schedule,Test and Inspection Reports,B/L, Insurance, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin. 

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