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what is 3D welding table?

The 3D welding table is a kind of welding platform through the tightening of the quick locking pin. The disassembly and positioning of the tooling can be completed in a few seconds. Various specifications of the 3D welding table pressing parts and the universal quick clamp can be quickly positioned to the pressing position. Achieve quick compression/clamping.

During the production process of the 3D welding platform, there will be weight deviations. Often, the design of the 3D flexible welding platform takes into account the casting error and machining error. The weight error of the cast iron platform should generally not exceed 10%. When it exceeds 10%, the quality of the 3D flexible welding platform must be further evaluated before the cast iron can be determined. Whether the platform can be put into use.
The wall thickness of the 3D welding table casting is too thin, and defects such as insufficient casting and cold isolation will occur during the production of castings. This is because an excessively thin wall thickness cannot ensure that the casting alloy liquid has sufficient capacity to fill the mold. Usually under certain casting conditions, each casting alloy has a wall thickness that can fill the mold, commonly known as the wall thickness of the casting alloy. When designing castings, the design wall thickness of the castings should be not less than the wall thickness. This wall thickness is related to the fluidity of the casting alloy liquid and the outline size of the casting.
3D Welding Platform-Technical Parameters
1. The flatness of the worktable reaches: 0.10/1000;
2. The verticality between the side surface and the upper surface of the workbench reaches: 0.10/200;
3. The working surface roughness of the workbench reaches: 3.2um;
4. Workbench scale line specification: 100×100±0.05mm;
5. Worktable material: steel welding (Q345), casting (HT300) two types, the overall heat treatment to eliminate internal stress;
6. Supporting legs of the workbench: the standard bearing capacity is 2T, the fixed bearing capacity is 2T, the frame bearing capacity is 5T, the lifting type bearing capacity is 3T, and the bearing capacity of the universal wheel with brake is 1T;
7. The position accuracy of the hole system of the worktable is not more than 0.05mm, and the dimensional accuracy of the hole is φ28D10.
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Post time: Jan-12-2022