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Cast iron T-slot platform

The T-slot cast iron platform is also called the test platform flat plate or iron floor. It is mainly used for power experiments in industries such as motors, engines, water pumps, diesel engines, automobiles, and high-speed rail testing, including motor test platforms, test platforms, dynamometer test platforms, and automobiles. Laboratory test platform, engine test platform, etc.

The platform working surface has good plane stability and toughness. There is a T-slot on the surface.

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T-slot platform usage:
Mainly used to fix workpieces, it is a basic working platform for fitter workers to debug equipment, assemble equipment, and repair equipment.
T-slot platform material: high-strength cast iron HT200-300, the working surface hardness is HB170-240, after two manual treatments (artificial annealing 600-700 degrees and natural aging for 2-3 years), the accuracy of this product is stable and wear-resistant Good performance.
T-slot platform specifications: 100*100—3000*6000 (special specifications are made according to the buyer’s drawings.)
Accuracy of T-slot platform: According to the national standard metrological verification regulations, there are four levels of 0, 1, 2, and 3.


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