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Advantages of Nitriding Welding Tables


Welding table nitriding technology is a surface treatment method commonly used in the welding field. By injecting nitrogen into the surface of the steel plate, the surface hardness and wear resistance can be improved. This technology is very suitable for some welding fields that require high strength and high wear resistance, such as automobiles, aviation and other industries. First of all, we need to understand the principle of welding table nitriding. Welding table nitriding is a high-pressure nitriding method. When the surface of the pretreated workpiece is exposed to high-pressure nitrogen, the nitrogen will form a nitrided layer with extremely high hardness on the surface, so that the surface of the workpiece has better hardness and abrasion resistance. In specific operations, the surface of the welding table needs to be derusted and cleaned first to ensure that nitrogen can fully penetrate and form a nitrided layer. Then, nitrogen gas is injected into the surface of the welding table under a high temperature and high pressure environment. Over time, nitrogen atoms will enter the surface of the steel plate through ion exchange to form a nitride layer. The surface of the welding table after nitriding not only has good wear resistance, but also has higher corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. At the same time, the improvement of the surface hardness of the welding table can also reduce the deformation and warpage during welding, thereby improving the welding quality and reliability. Since nitrogen infiltration is a physical surface treatment method, the surface of the welding table after nitriding will not change its chemical composition and mechanical properties. However, it should be noted that the depth and hardness of nitriding depend on factors such as temperature, time and nitrogen concentration, so it needs to be adjusted according to specific requirements. Overall, welding table nitriding technology is a very useful surface treatment method that can improve welding quality and durability of welding table. However, in specific operations, it is necessary to ensure the safe use of high-pressure nitrogen, and to adjust the nitriding depth and hardness according to specific conditions.

Post time: Apr-04-2023