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3D welding table fixtures design requirements

modular welding table system


The 3D welding table  is a set of standardized, systematic, and universal tooling. It is based on five working faces with standardized grid holes and a workbench with grid lines on the front. It is equipped with various standard modules for positioning. Fast connection, fast positioning and fast clamping of various shapes of workpieces, and at the same time can realize the free combination and repeated use of three-dimensional space, which is suitable for the welding of various workpieces and the assembly of products.


Accuracy: Under the action of a concentrated load of about 2 tons and 1M2, the deformation does not exceed 0.50mm, and under the uniform load, the deformation is only 0.024mm, which can fully meet the needs of most welding and assembly processing , The precision of its assembly is high, and the center tolerance of the positioning hole of the working platform is guaranteed to be within 0.05mm.


The fixture should have sufficient strength and rigidity. The fixture has to withstand a variety of forces when it is put into use in production, so the fixture should have sufficient strength and rigidity.

Reliability of clamping. Do not destroy the positioning position of the workpiece during clamping and ensure that the shape and size of the product meet the requirements of the drawing. It can neither allow the work piece to loosen and slip, but also does not make the work piece’s restraint too large and produce a larger restraint stress.

Flexibility of welding operations. The use of fixture production should ensure enough space for assembly and welding, so that the operator has a good view and operating environment, and the whole process of welding production is in a stable working state

Facilitate the loading and unloading of weldments. During the operation, it should be considered that the product can be smoothly removed from the fixture after assembly tack welding or welding, and the product should be turned over or lifted so as not to be damaged.

Good manufacturability. The designed fixture should be easy to manufacture, install and operate, and easy to inspect, repair and replace vulnerable parts. The design should also consider factors such as the existing clamping power source, hoisting capacity and installation site of the workshop to reduce the cost of fixture manufacturing


Technical conditions and inspection of welding platform: According to the type of welding platform, there are different technical requirements for gray iron castings, malleable iron castings and ductile iron, which can be inspected according to the conditions and inspection and acceptance procedures of each factory.

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